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Mr. JUAN SARUBBI LABANCA sets in motion the activities of the pig slaughterhouse in Montevideo, on the Municipio Street (nowadays Martín C. Martínez) at the junction with Gral. Pagola Street.

Mr. JUAN SARUBBI RAMPOLDI – member of the second generation in the Sarubbi family – joins the company.

After the retirement of Mr. JUAN SARUBBI LABANCA, the company continues operating under the name of SARUBBI Y SCALONE Inc., and is still managed by members of the family circle.
It moves to its present-day premises at 2171 Hocquart Street, extending over an area of 600 m2, only considering its facilities.

Death of Mr. JUAN SARUBBI LABANCA, founder of the company.

On the 1st of September, the “ESTABLECIMIENTO JUAN SARUBBI S.A.” is set up, formally succeeding the previous company, remaining Mr. JUAN SARUBBI RAMPOLDI as its owner.

The company acquires, totally reconstructs and inaugurates the 1st Cold Storage Plant of its own, situated in the province of Montevideo, at the junction of Cno. de las Tropas Road and La Boyada Road, where the former plant Frigorífico del Plata was located.

Mrs. SILVANA SARUBBI – member of the third generation – starts working for the company.

The pig slaughterhouse is extended into adjoining premises facing Nueva Palmira Street, adding 600 m2 of cold-storage rooms and other facilities.

Mr. CHRISTIAN SARUBBI – the last member of the third generation – joins the company.
Affected by the construction of the new access roads to Montevideo, Routes 1 and 5, the Plant at Cno. de las Tropas and La Boyada is expropriated.

The surrender to the State of the above-mentioned Plant is carried out and an 11 hectare plot of land is purchased for the construction of a new Cold Storage Plant in Montevideo at 2764 Cno. Cnel. Raíz Road.

The design for the new Cold Storage Plant is created and preparatory work for its construction begins.

The progress of the building works is regularized and it is requested that the investment project be declared to be of National Interest; something that took place the next year, on the 16th of May 1984.

Another 600 m2 are added to the pig slaughterhouse, reaching now a total area of 1,800 m2. (only facilities considered).

Building work on the Cold Storage Plant on Cno. Cnel. Raíz Road is finished and the plant now covers an area of 4,300 m2 plus 2,000 m2 of infrastructure and complementary facilities.

250 m2 of cold-storage rooms, administrative areas

and new infrastructure are added to the Cold Storage Plant which, after the restructuring of all of its facilities, begins to operate under the name of SIRISIL Inc., managed, as ever, by the SARUBBI family.

Exportation of beef takes place for the first time and, since then, it constantly increases up to the present day.
The export destinations include the United States and several other American, European and African countries.
In addition, this is the first time that pork products are exported to Argentina.

Death of Mr. JUAN SARUBBI RAMPOLDI (June 24) after 60 years of untiring work striving to improve the image of the company and make it produce the excellent results that are still obtained nowadays.

Continuing the extension of the Cold Storage Plant, more than 1,200 m2 of installations are added, including new cold-storage rooms, chambers for meat boning and additional facilities.

Mr. JUAN SARUBBI – member of the fourth generation – joins the company.

In the context of the continuous changes to the facilities of the Cold Storage Plant, innovations in the freezing tunnels and the cold-storage rooms are implemented and developed.

End of the design stage of the project for the future industrial plant.

Sr. Juan Sarubbi Labanca
Sr. Juan Sarubbi Rampoldi
plata frigorifica